Hi to all u ppl out there reading my blog now!Well,let me tell u abt me.I have my Mom, brothers and sisters, And finally ME,i m 26 And i am working as a Software Engineer.I like to sweaming.I was born on 4 th october 1980 in Orissa, India.My best frens and closest ppl in my life r you my close friends.... sorry if i left out you in my friends list.....Hey you are in my heart....!Thatz all u have to noe abt me i guess. So bye! =) [Make a smile]

बुधवार, जून 28, 2006

Rudra Narayan Garnaik

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My E-Learning Site

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Rudra @ Osprosys

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Rudra @ Qwest


Anonymous Sanjuel Mickel said...

Hi Rudra,
Your blogger is so nice...Make it more active and post more informations.....

Have a nice day.....

1:37 pm

Anonymous बेनामी said...

its Look Cool
Nilesh Mishra

4:34 pm


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