Hi to all u ppl out there reading my blog now!Well,let me tell u abt me.I have my Mom, brothers and sisters, And finally ME,i m 26 And i am working as a Software Engineer.I like to sweaming.I was born on 4 th october 1980 in Orissa, India.My best frens and closest ppl in my life r you my close friends.... sorry if i left out you in my friends list.....Hey you are in my heart....!Thatz all u have to noe abt me i guess. So bye! =) [Make a smile]

बुधवार, जून 28, 2006

Thanks to blog... Thanks to a friend...

Blog…a word I usually been hearing from some tv personalities & some people around me like “You can visit my blog”, “I’ve been surfing different blogs”, etc... My friend in the office also has her personal blog so I got curious what really is in this blog which people got crazy about. Then I surf & got to know what these people are talking about & now,… I’ve got my own.
To the blog…
It helps me a lot because before I’m just keeping for myself all what I am feeling for there are some things that sometimes you can’t tell your friends or to other people around you. I was able to find another outlet to express what is deep inside of me, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I can disclose freely the sad & happy moments happening to me and I can release the various tensions bothering me and finds relief whenever I’m writing as it serves as my diary also, keeping track of some memories of my life.My ability to do compositions also is being tested here & I think, enhanced even a little. My apologies for I may not be that excellent writer. All I want is to write in any way I want it & in any way I can. I’ve got inspired to post anything I want & excited also posting many things. Many ideas are coming to my mind, just thinking which one has to go first but I think it didn’t go in the supposed sequence it has to be. I am writing whenever & whatever I want without following any rules as I am the one who rules this blog… It’s my blog…. No other rules!I thank blogspot site for creating such a wonderful web for the purpose of those people who find no other means of expressing what they truly feels than posting blogs. It truly helps a lot of people….
To a friend….
At first, my blog was a secret as I really want to keep it only for myself until my friend accidentally opened my visited sites & discovered that I have also created my personal blog. Now it’s not a secret anymore, but she’s the only one who knows about it. She always encourages me to keep on posting. That is why I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her, “Thank you very much, My friend!”, not only for this but for everything. Thank you for always being there whenever I need someone to lean on, through good & even bad times, to share & listen to my tempers & sometimes boring stories, to laugh at my corny jokes, to lend me a helping hand and for many other things. I may not know what had happened to me without you especially during those tough times in my life. I appreciated much all those concerns & advices. I’m proud & lucky to have found a friend like you.