Hi to all u ppl out there reading my blog now!Well,let me tell u abt me.I have my Mom, brothers and sisters, And finally ME,i m 26 And i am working as a Software Engineer.I like to sweaming.I was born on 4 th october 1980 in Orissa, India.My best frens and closest ppl in my life r you my close friends.... sorry if i left out you in my friends list.....Hey you are in my heart....!Thatz all u have to noe abt me i guess. So bye! =) [Make a smile]

मंगलवार, जुलाई 04, 2006

*******Thinking Of You *********

Just sitting here and thinking,
Thinking my thoughts of you
Dreaming of howthings would be
If you were right here too.
I hope that things are going
The way that you had planned
I only wish that you were here
And I could hold your hand
I dream of being with you
Of being by your side
Of waking up beside you
Of love that we won't hide
I hope one day that you'll be more
Than just a dream at night
That I can bring you happiness
And love with all my might
But until then, I'm here alone
There's nothing else to do
Than dream of you and count the days
Until I'm there with you