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मंगलवार, नवंबर 28, 2006

The Beloved

Please tell me who is she
Whome I love so much?
I extend my hands,
But I can't touch.

She is seen at night,
Among the twinkling stars,
I cannot reach there,
Because she is so far.

I saw lotus in the pond,
I think she has come to meet,
It is only the flower,
When I go to touch it.

Where she lives I don’t know,
She looks in my dreamland,
I dream she will invite me,
To offer me a garland.

What is her duty I don’t know?
A Goddess or a fairy!
She is not the worldly woman,
Yet our love is not transitory.

Can I never see her face?
Can we ever move place to place?

-----By Rudra Narayan Garnaik.
In 1997....


Anonymous बेनामी said...

Hello Rudra,
From where you collected this poem??? Hope this is writen by you,,, bcoz so many mistakes are available....... ok keep writting and rectify it when gettting time....

this is very nice yaar..


2:10 pm


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