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मंगलवार, नवंबर 28, 2006

The Beloved

Please tell me who is she
Whome I love so much?
I extend my hands,
But I can't touch.

She is seen at night,
Among the twinkling stars,
I cannot reach there,
Because she is so far.

I saw lotus in the pond,
I think she has come to meet,
It is only the flower,
When I go to touch it.

Where she lives I don’t know,
She looks in my dreamland,
I dream she will invite me,
To offer me a garland.

What is her duty I don’t know?
A Goddess or a fairy!
She is not the worldly woman,
Yet our love is not transitory.

Can I never see her face?
Can we ever move place to place?

-----By Rudra Narayan Garnaik.
In 1997....