Hi to all u ppl out there reading my blog now!Well,let me tell u abt me.I have my Mom, brothers and sisters, And finally ME,i m 26 And i am working as a Software Engineer.I like to sweaming.I was born on 4 th october 1980 in Orissa, India.My best frens and closest ppl in my life r you my close friends.... sorry if i left out you in my friends list.....Hey you are in my heart....!Thatz all u have to noe abt me i guess. So bye! =) [Make a smile]

मंगलवार, मई 22, 2007

29th April 2007- The Day I have married....

Stepped into my marriage life!!!!

Her Name is: Laxmipriya Garnaik.

We share the moments
The moments of caring,
the moments of sharing
they're the times that mark
the milestone a long life way
they're the miracle of love
that happens everydaya lifetime together,
a lifetime to remember
you and i have found so many memories
in precious moments share with friends and family
we'll share these moments forever
the laughter, the cares, our hopes, and our praywe'll share
these moments forever
the joy and the tears of life through the year
sthese moments will live forever