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गुरुवार, जनवरी 18, 2007


Oh! What do I see?
Whom do I see in the red shroud?
Your incomplete image- Ah!
I can’t stand it.
I cannot see my love again
And you do not touch me with your hands
To assure that you are “LOVE”My love,
and not its corpse.
Your twinkling eyes are closed,
Which sign not to reopen.
I wait, but they do not open To see me.
I cannot feel the warmth of your breath
Which would sooth my wounds
When you came to kiss them.
Ah! Your lips, they look so pale and blue
And do not come
To kiss the cut in my heart
My heart bleeds-And your hands,
‘so soft and smooth
’Once I complemented,
whenYou gently stroke on my cheeks with them.
but now no more again……
And the tinkling of your anklets
Which would break the silence of my life
Now do no more move.
For you are silent now,
I am lifeless.
My heart laments and calls you aloud,
But your ears,
so numb they are..
The don’t hear my call.
But once did they hear my heart
beat-Your waist so thin and slim
Did wave when you walked
And the heart of earth stopped beating
To hear your footsteps.
Your hair a collection of golden strings
Which reached your knees and swayed
When you, by signs to my request
To kiss your lips, denied.Alas!
Today is everything so still,
So fixed and motionless
I feel lonely without you.
I am lifeless.
I remember the night when laid together
Did we see a dream,
Of living together ever after
In love-light’s beam.
Then did
I hold your handsAnd pulled you near me
And waved my hands over your pink cheeks
And unite did we.
My lips could feel the moist touch
Of your reddened lipsAnd did
I taste the salt of your body
At each corner.
Your silky hair brought me sleep
When ran over my face.
You feared, gasped and slowly came
And joined me with my race.
And then slowly souls became one,
One did beat through the other
So mildly did mingle the two sexes
When one rested over the other.
Today, do I drop tears
And look at your pale face again and again.
And question you,
Why did you separate the two veins?
Oh! What do I see?
Whom do I see in the red shroud?
Wrapped so neatly and carefully!Is it?
Yes it is. It is me.Ah! My incomplete image!
Then who am I standing?
I was so lost in your thoughts
That could not see my own corpse…
Ah! Where are you?
Must be sad to see
The two bodies lying there so still.
Then I feel the same soft touch,
The same warmth of your breath
The silky strings cover your face
And uncover it again.
I find you with me,
and feel your tender touch
And the air feels with aroma.
I see you again mingle with me
After this long comma.
I feel myself with life again
And regain my breath.
For the world it is the
death of our romance,